Managing transitions to help build lasting connections.

We at MacroAsia Airport Services Corporation commit to deliver exceptional gateway services to our clients and their customers, in the Philippines and beyond. Embodying a shared aspiration for global excellence and strict adherence to industry standards, we aim to offer ground, cargo, and other ancillary services that are anchored on the Quality Principles of:


  • Safe and Secure Operations
  • Reliable and Efficient Processes
  • Customer-­‐Driven and Value-­‐Added Service.

We intend to pursue Innovation and Engagement as the hallmarks of our Continuous Improvement efforts, as we strive to adopt best-­‐of-­‐breed technology in crucial aspects of our operations, and continue to enhance the competencies and capabilities of our teams of dedicated personnel.


By fulfilling these commitments, we endeavor to provide fair returns to our shareholders, productive alliances with our business partners, opportunities for the professional growth of our employees, and
Meaningful outreach initiatives in the communities we serve.


Bridging people worldwide, with soaring Filipino pride.

Within the first three
decades of the 21st century, MacroAsia Airport Services Corporation aims –

To be one of the premier gateway service partners in the global air transport industry, at the forefront of:

  • transforming the service delivery experience of our clients and their customers; and,
  • Reliable and Efficient Processes
  • showcasing the best of the Philippines and the Filipinos to the world.

Core Values



Praise God for all His blessings, in all our undertakings, with FAITH and FORTITUDE.
Achieve exceptional quality in all aspects of our work with DILIGENCE and DETERMINATION.
Perform our duties with a sense of accountability through CARE and CONSIDERATION.
Embrace innovation in the face of constant change through ADAPTABILITY and ADEPTNESS.
Uphold the highest standards of professional conduct with HONESTY and HONOR.
Foster teamwork and dedication to our shared goals with SYNERGY and SOLIDARITY.
Promote a fulfilling work-­life balance in our careers through FELLOWSHIP and FUN.
Motivate our people to realize their full potential through ENGAGEMENT and EMPOWERMENT.