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Board Of Directors


He is the Chairman of MacroAsia Properties Development Corp. (July 2003-Present), MacroAsia Mining Corp. (2004-Present), and J.F. Rubber Phils. (1993-Present).; the President and Director of MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc.(July 2003-Present), MacroAsia Airport Services Corp.(1999-Present) and MacroAsia Air Taxi Services, Inc.(July 2003-Present) He also serves as a Director of Bulawan Mining Corporation (June 2009-Present), and the Managing Director of Goodwind Development Corp.(1982-Present), and a former Director of PAL (August 2003 – April 2012), among others.


He was formerly the President of Procter & Gambles Philippines Inc. (1995-2006), and currently the Chairman of the Board of the P&Gers Fund Inc. (2009 to present) and member of the Board of Trustees of Xavier School (1996-Present). He is also an Independent Director of BDO Private Bank (March 2008-Present), PhilPlans First Inc. (October 2009-Present), MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc. (2007-Present) and MacroAsia Airport Services Corporation (2007-Present). Additionally, he is the Chairman of Taibrews Corporation (2011-Present), and a member of the Board of Directors of Interbake Marketing Corporation (May 1991-Present), Teambake Marketing Corporation (January 1994-Present), Bakerson Corporation (April 2002-Present), Lartisan Corporation (May 2007-Present), and Alpha Alleanza Manufacturing Inc. (March 2008-Present), and a former Independent Director of PAL Holdings, Inc. (September 2009-April 2012).


He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering (2011-2015) and took his masters in Computer Science (2015-2017) in Stanford University. He is also currently  a Software Engineer in Lyft and implemented micro services to interface between external payment providers to enable pay-ins and pay-outs. Member of Stanford Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society (2013–Present). Executive Board Member and Financial Officer for Stanford Asian Student Entrepreneur Society (October-Present). This year, He is currently the President & CEO of Tanduay Distillers, Inc. Elected as Director of the following companies: Lucio Tan Group, Inc., PAL Holdings, Inc., Philippine Airlines, PAL Express, Asia’s Emerging Dragon Corporation, MacroAsia Corporation, MacroAsia Catering Services Corporation, MacroAsia SATS Inflight Services Inc. MacroAsia Airport Services Corporation and Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Inc.


He is a Director of Cebu Pacific Catering Services, Inc.(2004-Present), MacroAsia Mining Corporation (2004-Present) MacroAsia Airport Services Corporation and Watergy Business Solutions, Inc.. He is also the former President of Toll-MacroAsia Philippines, Inc. (2007-2011). He is also the Chairman of Tandem Exploration and Mining Corporation (2007-Present). He was the Finance Manager of MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc. from July 2000 to October 2003, and was Finance Controller of MIASCOR Catering from June 1998 to June 2000. He was with the Central Bank of the Philippines (1983-1992) and his last position was Division Chief.


He is currently Executive Officer & Deputy Executive General Manager of Airport Division at Konoike Transport Co.,Ltd. (2017-Present) He has joined Konoike Transport in 1981 as new graduate, assigned to a subsidiary KAEC Co.,LTD. (current Konoike Airport Service Co.,Ltd.) in 1995 as a start up member of airport service business at Konoike Transport. He has spent likely quarter century to grow airport business of Konoike Transport.